Can you salvage your relationship?

Among the thoughts that occur upon learning your partner is involved in an affair is the question of whether they really love you or not. If they really did love you, how could this happen? Why do people cheat? Is surviving infidelity even possible?

People could cheat for one or more of several reasons, including:

  • An addiction to the excitement of getting away with it; an addiction to sex or to the thrill of the chase
  • An ego need, wanting to feel the acceptance, admiration, and infatuation of a new-found love or the ego simply getting off on conquering another person
  • The loss of respect and admiration for their spouse that set them up to find that respect from someone else
  • The feeling that their partner has become distant and simply moved too far away, is hard to talk to without conflict, and it was just plain easier to talk to the other person. It just started out as having someone to talk to, but led to far more

What It’s Really Like To Be Cheated On (& 10 Steps To Recover From The Pain So You Can Save Your Marriage)

While you may have thought about how it would feel to be betrayed by an affair, it is impossible to really know the depth of the pain experienced by those who go through it.

What are some of the factors that make this form of betrayal so painful?

  • A promise that was made, believed in, and reciprocated has been broken. That broken promise can never be undone and in some ways, continuing to love that person keeps a reminder of the betrayal front and center
  • This…


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