As the New Year approaches, it gives many pause for reflection over the last year’s events or in this case, the last decade. This practice can be quite valuable and an excellent opportunity to evaluate goals you want to set for yourself or to give yourself a clean slate and permission to start fresh. 

But there is some amount of danger in this way of thinking, too. In some cases, there exists an implication that whatever you are doing now is not enough or that drastic change is the only way to experience the type of fulfillment you are really seeking for your life. 

It is true that sometimes, radical change is needed to make the impact we desire. But more often, our goals do not have to be that extreme in order to be implemented and if we ignore this fact, we set ourselves up for disappointment.

When we create New Year Resolutions for ourselves, sometimes we create an unseen pressure to become something we are not or in a timeframe that is not realistic. Sometimes, the key to generating greater fulfillment and achieving what we want to accomplish begins instead with an acceptance and appreciation for what we are already doing really well. In fact, if we are constantly trying to think of ways to improve ourselves, it can make it really easy to lose sight of what is actually working for us. 

Another pitfall of this way of thinking is the implication that seizing our personal growth has only limited windows of opportunity, as if it were structured like open enrollment for health care. The reality is, it is within your power to make different choices for yourself at any time. You do not have…


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