When we think of Valentine’s Day, we think chocolate-covered everything, big and bright balloons, and grand, costly gestures. But these presents might not precisely express your true appreciation and love for the special people in your life.

Below, you’ll find nine creative and unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your partner, kids, best friend, mom, dad, and anyone else on your list. These ideas range from presents you can make to meaningful activities you can do together. 

  1. Leave little notes. This could be anything from a Post-It note on your partner’s car window to a lengthy love letter that reflects on your relationship, said Christine Scott-Hudson, MFT, ATR, a marriage and family therapist and art therapist. It could be slipping a sweet card into your child’s lunchbox or your spouse’s briefcase. It could be mailing your best friend a letter thanking them for their unconditional support. 
  1. Create a vision board together. A vision board helps you identify what you want your relationship to look and feel like—and what you’d like to build as a team. You could create your board on Valentine’s Day or any date night. According to Scott-Hudson, you’ll need scissors, glue, magazines, and poster board. She suggested this process: First find images separately. “Choose images of things you do want for your relationship, as well as images of things you do not want for your relationship.” Next do the same for words and phrases. Then, work on your collage together, using words and imagery that resonate with both of you, and give it a title. When you’re done, talk about the process of creating your vision board. What feelings did it trigger? How does the final board make you feel? If you have kids, create a vision board…


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