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Stress Management

Stress is the body’s natural reaction to the demand for change. It however becomes problematic when it accumulates without a viable outlet.. [Read More]


Anxiety is a usual reaction to stress. It enables us to deal with difficult situations, and can motivate us… [Read More]


Depression affects how a person thinks, feels and behaves. It leads to frequent feelings of sadness and the loss of interest in usual activities… [Read More]

Family Struggles

Families usually comprise two or more people, which at times lead to unhealthy dynamics due to the differing personalities… [Read More]


Relationships are an essential aspect of life. It enhances one’s psycho-emotional wellbeing. It however requires work and commitment… [Read More]

Drug Addiction

Addiction or substance dependency is a very complex mental health issue, albeit treatable. It involves acquiring alternate tools to cope with life’s adversities…[Read More]

My Approach

It takes courage to ask for help. My intention is to create a safe, non-judgmental environment.

It takes courage to ask for help. My intention is to create a safe non-judgemental environment to facilitate change. I tend to be intuitive, flexible, challenging and practical. I wonder “How are you with yourself right now?” “How can we now be “what is”, in a way that is helpful”. Big questions, good explorations! I employ traditional and creative methods including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, Exposure/Desensitization Therapy, Narrative and Strategic Therapy. I am willing and able to explore rough, soft and complex terrains in your life. I endeavor to navigate you back to your inner consciousness, the hidden and pure core, that embraces healing, harmony and optimal living. I believe all life is sacred and we have an inherent capacity to reach our true potential.

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