Individual Counselling

The main type of psychological treatment for anxiety is a therapy called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT. Research has shown that CBT is a very effective treatment for managing and reducing anxiety in the long-term.

Couple Counselling

Relationships are hard. Our most intimate relationships are the places where the most negative patterning reveals itself. We find ourselves feeling and behaving in ways that we know are harmful to ourselves and others and we feel stuck.

Family Counselling

Family System theory helps couples to understand patterns of relating to their partners through understanding the learning passed on through their own families.

Group Counselling

If you are experiencing anxiety, sadness, social phobia, ongoing relationship problems or feeling a general dissatisfaction with your life group therapy can help.

Telephone Counselling

Even in a distant city or town one can always maintain connectedness to an emotionally present mental health professional Telephone therapy is comparable to face-to-face meetings.

Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention is emergency psychological care aimed at assisting individuals in a crisis situation to restore equilibrium to their biopsychosocial functioning and to minimize the potential for psychological trauma.